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Teague Elementary

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Comcast CARES Day coming on Saturday, April 21st.

This year, Teague has been selected as the recipient of Comcast CARES day, a nationwide effort of community volunteering.  Comcast will be donating supplies, materials and most importantly, people to help with projects around the campus at Teague.  But we need your help to accomplish everything in one day!!  Here are the projects;
Plant new trees by playground
Paint new United States map on blacktop
Refresh yellow safety paint
Refresh green poles in hallways
Paint cabinets in cafeteria
Clean out planter boxes and plant new plants in front of school
Each volunteer will receive a Comcast CARES day t-shirt.  AND....Teague will receive a grant that will pay Teague $15 per person that volunteers that day.  Sign up forms are being sent home or can be picked up in the office.  In order to get your shirt, forms must be turned in to the Teague office by Friday, April 6th.